ACM 盟传媒(Alliance Cultural Media Inc.)是一家面向全球华人世界传播前沿资讯和娱乐节目,并为用户提供优质电商服务的媒体公司。 传文明,扬公义,光明正大,是盟传媒的宗旨。助力全球华人各项事业发展是盟传媒的根本。推进世界文明人类和平与进步是盟传媒的愿望。

ACM 盟传媒通过GoLiveTV 上的 ACM 频道,Youtube、腾讯视频,优酷视频,以及 Facebook、WeChat、 Twitter 等社交媒体,覆盖了 200 多个国家和地区的华人受众,同时在美国本土 MCM 频道拥有 1 个小时的英文节目时段,向美国本土主流人群播出原创节目。

ACM 拥有盟播报、盟专访、盟观察、总编时间等资讯专栏,并与多位学者合作开办了周周侃、平论、风云天下等时事评论专栏。策划制作了美漂系列等多部网剧和电影。创办了「杰出华人榜评选」「iShero」「iHero」等品牌活动。

2018 年春节,现任美国交通部部长赵小兰女士录制视频节目通过 ACM 全网 平台向世界华人拜年,这个活动充分肯定了 ACM 作为向全球华人提供服务的媒体的实力。

ACM 盟传媒总部位于美国首都华盛顿,先后在北京、上海、香港、波士顿、纽约、洛杉矶设立了传媒中心。

Alliance Cultural Media Inc. is a new media company that faces Chinese all over the world, delivering frontier news, entertainment program and providing good quality e-comerce  service.

The goal for ACM is to spread culture and justice and the fundamental of ACM is to promote Chinese. The hope for ACM is to keep peace and progressing in the world.

ACM can be seen on ACM Chanel on GoLiveTV, YouTube,Tecent video, Youku video, Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, etc. It covers Chinese audience from over 200 countries and has a one-hour live coverage on MCM channel, broadcasting towards local audience in US.

ACM has produced videos programe (including news, commentary and online TV show) and it held annual events like Outstanding Chinese American, iShero, iHero.

In lunar new year of 2018, the secretary of transportation of US, Elaine Chao, has produced a video to say happy Chinese new year to all Chinese through ACM, which shows the strength of ACM as a media providing service to Chinese all over the world.

The headquarter of ACM locates in the capital of US, Washington and ACM now has media centers in Beijing, Shanghai,Hong Kong, Boston, New York and Los Angelas.